New Day Campaign Logo and Communications Materials
Design development for the New Day Campaign—a 2015 art advocacy project started after the overdose death of the founder's daughter focused on de-stigmatizing addiction, creating communication through art-focused projects. 
The brand features symbolic color/brand usage, along with a distinct appeal that help to connect the myriad pieces that thread the large amount of programming and communication developed to support the campaign.
Commemorative poster.
Commemorative Poster (flat)
Commemorative Poster
Event Brochure
Event Brochure (Inner panel)
Event Brochure (Inner spread)
Event posters, connected to a series of themes.
Event flyers developed for quick at-a-glance information about upcoming events.
Web design (main landing, left and interior landing, right) introduces people to the New Day Campaign and connects them with the mission and the experience of the events. 
2016 Website (Main landing)
2016 Website (Interior experience page)
2015 Website
2015 Website (full page)
Interior Page (FAQs)
Interior Page (FAQs)
Founder's Campaign brochure
Campaign brochure (A-fold)
Campaign brochure (B-fold)
Campaign brochure (C-fold)
Alternate brochure (comp)
Alternate brochure (comp, flat)
Special event invitation
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