Team BBC Identity + Development

Identity and Brand Development for Team BBC p/b Baltimore Bicycle Works a cycling team based in Baltimore. Items included redesign of the team kit, development of an identity to highlight the newly consummated team sponsorship, as well as event support.

The Team BBC Identity was developed by converging the leading colors of Team BBC which used hot pink for a number of years, light blue from the increased sponsorship of Baltimore Bicycle Works and the continuing sponsorship of the parent club: Baltimore Bicycle Club a leading area bicycle support and advocacy organization. Team BBC's focus is more specific in the racing realm and as a part of efforts to grow membership they looked for a clearer identity to welcome new members and friends to their efforts.
stationery composition.
In addition to business cards for team leaders, this shot includes mini-cards which could be used by members to connect with people met on rides. those cards include superimposed photos of some of those very same folks in action.
Detail: notecard, business card and mini cards. This is a meat-and-potatoes gang that's not too overly focused on letterhead, so don't get your hopes up. What they are focused on is representing the club well at events and pushing the name out there and that means face-to-face engagement: meet a guy or gal on a ride and they're looking for a crew to run with give'em a mini card, so they know where to look you up.
Team Kit Design
New concepts for the team kit whose goal was to evoke historical kits by focusing on vibrant color, avoiding the flash (swoops and swirls) of many modern-day kits. (Slight edits to final kit as shown below).
Proof stage (Joe N.) matching up Voler setup prints with sent proofs.
Kit in production at Voler.
Event Support: The Tuesday Night Time Trial (TNTT)
One of the club's most popular events is the Tuesday Night Time Trial a 14.2 mile loop in North Baltimore County with numerous climbs and challenging road features. This event is a very popular and has become a source of attracting new members and friends to the organization.
That said, the event ends up with a lot of first-timers. To avoid them getting lost: though classified as a group ride it's a single start ride and the possibility exists that one would find themselves on the road alone. To support the event branding was developed and additionally, signage at the start station to educate riders of the features.
T-shirt supporting the time trial. Sponsors would be populated to the back as a bonus to them.
Schooley Mill Cross Logo
Scholey Mill Cyclocross Race Logo.
Supporting one of the club's main events: a cyclocross race held in Central Maryland, this logo attempts to capture the essence of the event. The event is held on an equestrian course, converted to a cycling event for the event. As such, using brand colors, the logo unites a horseshoe with a cyclocross rider. 
Training Camp Roundel
Last spring the possibility of doing a one-week training camp in anticipation of the coming season made the rounds on the message forum. To make the effort special, we developed a roundel to capture the utter insanity of all, highlighting the timing, which was confounded by really bad weather. The poster takes off of one comment made on the forum eschewing a suggestion of traveling to a desitination to do the training ride.
Roundel supporting and commemorating the propsed spring training ahead of the 2014 cycling season. The week experienced inclement weather throwing the event into an uneven status.
Discussion surreounded the possibility of going to a warmer climate to hold the event. This did not pan out and some of the discussion online became comical, presenting the opportunity to develop a poster concept.
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