2011 Tour Dem Parks, Hon! Poster

Poster Design Compositions for the 2011 edition of the Tour Dem Parks, Hon! bicycle tour held in Baltimore in mid-June. The poster themes have been based on historical design posters designed near the turn of the century often using iconic imagery.

2011 Tour Dem Parks, Hon! Comps
Multiple compositions.
The design for the commemorative poster is based on historical poster references.
Alpha concepts.
Beta Concept.
Second revision of first concept includes changes addressing reaction to the first round to make the rider more "friendly" since the ride is not competitive, use of an iconic park location (the downtown section was not preferred), and to make the weather appear less hot.
Additional execution. TDPH board shifted gears and wanted the background et. al to reflect a more child-friendly theme. They relayed that the ride needed to convey casual ride characteristics—which focus on weather and friendly riders, casual atmosphere—hence a sense of evolution amongst the pieces.
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